Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sou-run Ganguly

Who would have thought Ganguly would be back in the Indian team and that too in the helm of the affairs an year ago? I certainly did not. I did have a thought that he would do a few "try-to-comeback" test matches and then finally hang his boots. But he has proved me wrong. I guess he has proved many of us wrong.

He is back with a bang. At his age and also after all the humiliation and controversies he went through, his comeback that too in such a fashion is really admirable. It is showing the character of the person. He has really applied his will and used all his cricketing skills to be back in the Indian Team. He played quite a few domestic cricket matches and then proved that he still has the mettle.

Let us see his past few matches vis-a-vis his career,

Test Matches
Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50
Career 91 5435 173 40.86 12 27
ComeBack Matches 3 214 66 42.80 0 2

One Day Internationals
Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50
Career 285 10412 183 40.99 22 63
ComeBack Matches 9 380 98 54.29 0 4

Today his batting is back like his olden days when he used to take the bowlers apart. He is generally a good hitter of the ball and it is good to see him back in that mode. He has become one of the more consistent run scorers.

I just have to hand it to his courage. After all what he had gone through, whether he was the cause for it, may be he was, but he has come out of that rut and he is in full flow again.

Every person seems to have bad patches at some point or the other and the true character of the person is shown when he can weather the storm and come out of it stronger than before. And
Sou-run Ganguly has done it. Kudos Sourav...

P.S. I found this expreession "Sou-run Ganguly" in one of the placards in the Visakhapatnam match. Apt for this..

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