Saturday, February 24, 2007

Perspectives !!

Have you ever thought about how each one of us have different perspectives about the same thing?

One such incident.. some more than 10 years ago, Indian currency notes had Mahatma Gandhi only on rupee notes of denominations Rs 500 and more. And one fine day almost all rupee notes right from Rs 5 to all denominations upto Rs 1000 started to have Mahatma Gandhi on them.

In a casual conversation with my friend, I just pointed out that Mahatma Gandhi has now come down to Rs 5 from his Rs 500. But my friend immediately quipped, "Yeah.. but now Mahatma Gandhi is with more people".

What a different perspecti
ve? I was surely stumped by it. A much different thought .. and I must add a much more positive one...

Hats off... man !!


Saumya said...

Nice :)

lone_wolf_dead said...

The pics ... did you take them?

Vijay Ramaswami said...

No I downloaded them