Saturday, February 03, 2007

Divine Intervention ??

Sethusamudram project in the southern coast of India is an ambitious project of the Government of India. It is some what like the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal, but not really that overwhelming.

The small strip of sea between India and Srilanka near Rameshwaram on the southern coast of India is the site for this project. In this straits passes the legendary Rama's bridge or Adam's Bridge. This bridge is chain of islets and limestone shoals connecting the land masses of India and Sri Lanka. According to Hindu mythology, this bridge was built by the Vanara sena of Rama, en route to Sri Lanka to free Sita from Ravana. It was built by the monkey army, under the architectural guidance of Nala and with the help of Hanuman (the most illustrious from the Vanara Sena) too.

Now the Sethu samudram project aims at deepening this strait at certain points to allow the passing of huge ships so that they do not have to go around Sri Lanka to go from west coast to the east coast of India. This means that Rama's bridge has to be dredged to make it deeper.

After lot of legal battles pertaining to environment and monument protection etc. the project started couple of years ago. As part of the dredging, the spud used broke down at one point. A tug crane called Thangam was sent to remove the sunken spud. But the crane Thangam also broke down while trying to rescue the spud.

Now they are calling even bigger crane for rescue ... Guess what the name of the crane is .. Hanuman :-) Some Divine Intervention from the creator of the bridge himself :-)


Rambler said...

Vijay I am not sure what kind of books you read, but If you are interested in a combination of hindu mythology and parallelisms with modern sceience and a little of fiction, you got to try a book called "Maha Samparka"

lone_wolf_dead said...

Wow interesting stuff :)
Didn't realize that you had posted new stuff ... pleasant surprise ... reading three new posts!