Sunday, July 15, 2007

Of Spirits and Liquors

Indian Government bans the ads of the spirits, liquors and cigarettes on the television and radio channels. This I guess is a measure of trying not to promote the usage of these products by the people in general.

But then, if that was the noble reason of the government, why would not just ban these items of the market and production. A large portion of the revenue to the government's exchequer are from the production and sale of these products. So they cannot do away with them.

But then that is how it is. Coming back to the ads, these companies come up with outrageous coverups for actually advertising their products. Just because they cannot show ads of a brand of liquor or cigarette, they advertise some other products which have nothing to do with their main business, but only the brand name stays.. Some examples, Wills Lifestyle Clothes, Bacardi Blast Audio CDs, Master Stroke Audio CDs and what not. A spirit company making Audio CDs ;-) funny indeed..

So how are these going to be policed..


lone_wolf_dead said...

you missed the soda ads and mineral water as well ..

I thought music was all about spirit by the way ;)

Vijay Ramaswami said...

I did not talk about soda and mineral water.. as at least they are some what near to what they are doing.. at least in the department of drinking..