Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Today is May Day, the first of May. May day is celebrated by many communist and socialist nations as the workers day. But actually it has spread to many countries which are not communist or socialist too and they celebrate it as a Worker's Day.

Today I too have a day off at work on account of May Day. I work in the software industry where there is no such concept as unions or the like. Even we were awarded a day off for the "Worker's Day or Labour Day". But then I found that the actual people who do the more intensive labour were really not given a day off. There was a huge construction going on near my house and the construction continued as any other day. I had an electrician come to my house for some work and he was working too. So did I see many other people working as usual even on "Labour Day".

Should they not be the people who should get the day of first before us?


Rambler said...

I totally agree with you, I think many of the things we do are something which hardly has a meaning now. Our holidays and our thoughts are becoming either outdated or losing its intent.
Sometimes I dont mind the holiday though :)

lone_wolf_dead said...

yeah ... even I was thinking that it is rather ironic that the actual workers - those that help us meet our fundamental needs - keep slogging through that day ... be it the auto wallahs, the sweepers, the bus drivers ... while we white collars get a day off to freak out!