Monday, May 07, 2007

Renewed Hobby

After a long time I tried something which I was fond of before - painting. It was something which I was fairly good at during my primary and high school days but never got around to paint anything after that. I has been nearly 17 years. So yesterday I did roll over the inertia and tried my hand at it. It was definitely hard thing to start of with as I was completely out of touch. But then was able to complete the painting. I chose a rather easy subject to start of with.

I made some mistakes on the way and was not happy that I made them. But when I finished the painting it was not the best of my paintings but it was better than I expected it to turn out when I started. I relived my school days when I would paint and try to mix colors to get the right hue. It was enjoyable. The very fact that I could start painting again itself is immensely satisfying. Now that I have crossed the first hurdle, I plan to paint more. So expect more..

Here is the one I painted


Saumya said...

overcoming the hurdles is the most difficult part... good that u were able to do it ..

veenaasays said...

Its not tht whether u were gud or bad...u dont need anyone's comment but ur happiness out of an achievement which is utmost imp