Sunday, April 08, 2007

Weekend Blues

Another of the long weekends whizzed past me. Every time I come close to a weekend I plan to do some of my long pending, or let me say, long planned activities, but many times they do not materialize. This weekend was a rather hectic sprinkled with some periods of illness.So in effect another weekend which went by without a lot of my "long pending" activities. The weekend had social visits and also some mandatory activities which needed to be done.

But again, I did not do what I had planned to do. Now that it is Sunday night, I am feeling bad that I lost another of the weekend.

Have you guys felt the same?


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Saumya said...

Most times the same thing happens to me. I prefer keeping all the long pending work for the week days :D

lone_wolf_dead said...

My weekends are generally more packed than my weekdays ... and before you know it ... it is over with half the stuff on the "to dos" list just carried over !

Pixie said...

Totally agree...I just finshed ranting about my weekend blueson my blog when I saw yours. I guess Its the same for most people