Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Women Talking !!

Today on my drive back from work, I heard a trivia on the radio. The topic was about why women complain that the men do not talk to them as much they want. It has been and I guess will be an universal grouse which women will have against men.

On an average, a woman speaks 20000 words per day while the man speaks 7000 words per day. Ooops thats lot of difference.

But lets face it, it is a scientific fact. According to
Dr. Louann Brizendine, in her book "The Female Brain", says that this starts from womb. Apparently the effects of testosterones on the brain to start with plays part in this behaviour of men and women.

So let us not blame it on the men for talking less, it is scientific. :-)


Rambler said...

I thought the bigger complaint from women was about listening :), do they want us to talk? may be some of your female readers will post the answer

Saumya said...

Women (in general) have a problem with both, men not talking enough and men not listening enough.. Now can you blame them considering that most times a woman begins a conversation, the man finds something more interesting to do ;)

lone_wolf_dead said...

hmmm ... there is someone I know who needs to read this :D