Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cold Water Showers

Another of the trivia I heard the other day on the drive back home,

"Cold Water Showers gives better character to a person"

Wow !!! I am sure this is a joke. :-). But then I did some research on this.

We know that in India, yoga advocates cold water showers (at least normal temperature) showers in warmer climates. Basically it rejuvenates the body and makes the blood circulation better. But then it does not talk about character :-). Also there was a Bavarian monk, Father Sebastian Kniepp, who professed the positive effects of cold water bath. He apparently used to jump into ice water to cure his lung infection.

There was a study/experiment which was conducted in the Hannover Medical School, which tried to find the effect of cold water bath. The results in fact emphasized Father Kniepp's theory.

None of these talk about character. I guess the person on the radio meant that Cold Water Bath gives a person a "kool" character. :-)


Carla said...

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nice blog by the way, loves the santa jokes. and no,i will not take cold showers. i's rather not be cool.

lone_wolf_dead said...

interesting read :)

The dil se song was filmed on a train right ... the toy train in ooty?

Missy said...

it's supposed to be good for your hair, i think. your character? i don't know.