Friday, July 31, 2009

Come Back !!

Well, its been a while I blogged .. it is almost like I retired from blogging.. well not really.. let's say it was a hiatus away from blogging.

Now that this has become a season of come backs, I though let me too make a "Come Back" on blogging. Season of Come backs?? Yup.. Lance Armstrong and now Micheal Schumacher..

Lance Armstrong's, the seven time Tour De France champion, comeback has really been great.. He announced at the beginning of this year that he would come back from retirement into pro cycling to promote his Livestrong cancer support org and campaign. And he really did that great. He has rekindled interest in the sport of Pro Cycling again. He sported the Livestrong gear all through the tour.

His Twitter tweets has become a super hit and he now has 1,631,201 followers on twitter. All basically creating awareness. And finally what a comeback for a guy at the age of 37 pushing 38, coming out of retirement after 4 years, to ride the Tour De France , 3500 km race over mountains and valleys and plains and to finish on the podium at 3rd overall in front of much younger guys. And now he is going to be back next year at the Tour De France with his own team, Team Radioshack. Its gonna be great..

And the latest comeback.. by Schumi,the seven time F1 world champion. He retired 3 years ago and is now 40 years old. But he is now going to ride in place of Felipe Massa who was injured seriously in a freak accident last week Hungary Grand Prix. Again his return has been greatly welcomed by one and all to add more frenzy to the F1 circuit. He has been one of my most favourite F1 riders and am sure will be rooting for him. Not that Ferrari is in great form this year, they have not won a single race this year.. may be they were waiting for Schumi ;-)

Lets see how it goes.. both my favourite heros are back in their sports ;-) And to top it all, Lance tweeted on Schumi's announcement to come back "So excited to see Michael Schumacher race again. The greatest of all time!!"

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