Sunday, August 12, 2007

The New Anthem

This is the latest offering of Rahman and BharatBala to the spririt of the nation. This has been released on the 60th Anniversary of Indian Independence. These guys manage to make great music and videos celebrating the unity of India.

Video Courtesy usthadh007

Rahman as always rendered another version of our anthem, albeit the score has not changed much, it is the arrangement etc. which has done the magic.

His earlier video, a version of "Vande Mataram" was a runaway success, where the both lyrics and the music score was different from the original one. But that too was superb. It gave patriotism a youthful shade to it and made Vande Mataram hummable by one and all giving it a "cool" feeling. 

Video Courtesy arrahmanfans

Hope to get more of such ones from Rahman..


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