Sunday, December 24, 2006

Children and stubbornness

It was a sleepy Sunday afternoon, was channel hopping and found the Maniratnam's Tamil movie, Kannathil Muthamittal (A Peck on the cheek). This is another of Maniratnam's touching movies which talks about a child who is brought up in a very loving family and finds out on her 9th birthday that she is adopted. The movie is about the search of the girl for her mother who is involved in the Tamil conflict in Sri Lanka.

Though the movie was on the very good movies I have seen, one thing which I found striking in the movie is the girl's characterization. The girl, on finding that she is adopted, is hell bent upon finding her real mother. The girl is so passionate, or do I say obstinate, about this quest, that she and her family braves the conflict in Sri Lanka and tries to find her mother among mortars shelling and gun fights.

I was surprised; can children be so stubborn, almost on the verge of dogmatism. It sounds strange that her parents would go to such lengths, as to go to a warzone to yield to the whims of 9 year old girl.

But then we never know, how stubborn can children be. I have seen some very extreme cases too. There are also stories about Birbal, Akbar and a child who was obstinate and how none other than Birbal could convince using all his wits.

How stubborn can children be?


Ravi said...

Yes, this is one of my favourite movies. I think the director wanted to show the child trying to find out why her mother left her. The blood is thicker than water line of thinking.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. you write your blogs well. Please write more.

Rambler said...

I tend to look at it in a slightly differant way, Its not just children who can be stubborn. I feel that its thier sheer determination. As they do not have that many poeple judging them they can go all out to get what they want. I wish we as adults could have that much of courage to chase what we want

Vijay Ramaswami said...

True Blood is thicker than water. inspite of my observation.. I liked the movie a lot..

Thanx for stopping by.. Will keep writing more keep visiting

Hmm.. thats an interesting perspective.. Yeah adults think about so many things before we do anything.

Thanx for visiting my blog..

lone_wolf_dead said...

time for another post?

Saumya said...

I think adults too are quite obstinate in their pursuit. Some more so than the others. Children are more innocent and harmless in their ways whereas when adults become adamant, they tend to be quite selfish.

@rambler : I totally agree to the determination part